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How To Write Product Descriptions That Will Make Your Sales Soar

A product description for all of your product pages makes all the difference. But are they compelling product descriptions or not?

You've got a great product, and you know it has huge sales potential. Now, it's all about getting buyers on board. So, how do you whip up a description that grabs their attention and gets them to open their wallets?

Crafting irresistible product descriptions is an art. Imagine blending captivating photos, standout features, detailed specifications, and compelling benefits into one irresistible package. That's when you hit the jackpot in sales success!

But how do you do it effortlessly every time?

Connecting with customers without a physical store might feel like a tall order. How do you get someone excited about buying your product when they can't touch, feel, or look closely at it? Well, there's a secret weapon that's both super simple and incredibly powerful: your product description.

In today's blog, we'll share our secrets to "Add to Cart" success, which involves creating compelling product descriptions that engage and inform so you can write product descriptions that deliver every time.

Whether you're just getting started building your eCommerce store, a small business owner branching into online sales, or an Amazon store operator aiming for the stars, this guide is your first step towards skyrocketing your sales with nothing but the power of words.

Keep reading to learn how to turn your ideal customer into a buyer easier than ever!

Writing product descriptions for your online store includes product images and product features your potential customers love.

What Are Product Descriptions?

Product descriptions are more than just a list of features and functions. They are your sales pitch, voice, and often, your only opportunity to convince a potential customer that what you’re selling is exactly what they need. If you do this right, these descriptions can make your products irresistible.

Think of your product description as a conversation with your customer over coffee. It's not just about bombarding them with facts and figures but instead sharing a story that resonates with their needs and desires.

You want to create that "Eureka!" moment when they see your product not just as an item on the shelf but as a solution to a problem they've been facing or a key to solving a pain point they struggle with daily. Crafting your descriptions transforms your product from something they might like to something they feel they need.

Search engines love product descriptions with product images and product features they find on your online store.

How to Create Descriptions That Sell For Your eCommerce Business

Drive Desire with Compelling Product Descriptions

The goal of any product description is to provide the information a customer needs to make a purchase decision. But beyond the bare facts, your descriptions should evoke emotion and create a desire for the product.


By painting a picture of how much better your customer’s life will be with your product in it.

Crafting killer product copy can be challenging, but it is rewarding! Whether you're putting in the elbow grease yourself or hiring a professional copywriter, investing in the right words can massively boost your conversion game.

The primary task of a product description copywriter is to write copy that generates desire. Your product descriptions should evoke vivid images in the reader’s mind.

You want to be able to write descriptions that do more than just list your product's features. They should also resonate emotionally with your potential customers. Make it easy for your ideal customer to envision the product in their lives and how it solves their problems.

Here's a tip straight from the realtors' playbook.

Ask any real estate agent, and they'll tell you the secret to selling a home. It's all about getting potential buyers to visualize themselves living there.

Picture this: if you can get your potential customers to imagine whipping up meals in the kitchen, enjoying a cozy coffee on the porch, or having a fun time playing with their kids in the backyard, you're pretty much halfway to sealing the deal.

Being able to write great product descriptions requires understanding this tip. If you can make your customers see themselves using the product, you're hitting them right in the feels, creating that desire. And once they want it, they're way more likely to hit that buy button.

Product Descriptions Need to Inform And Persuade

Your product descriptions need to do more than just inform—they should really persuade. Think of every sentence as making a case for your product, leading to the ultimate point: your product isn’t just something people might want. It’s something they need.

If you're running ads but skipping the product descriptions, you're definitely leaving sales on the table. Don't miss the chance to really sell your item with a compelling story!

Remember being a kid, absolutely dying for that one toy? When you hit up your parents, did you just drop the name?


You went all out, painting a picture of those awesome features. You talked about all the cool ways you'd play with it, how it'd keep you busy for hours. You really laid it on thick to get them to buy it for you.

Utilize the same approach in your product descriptions - provide information and engage the buyer's emotions - to significantly increase the likelihood of generating sales.

Ditch the Manufacturer's Product Description

Manufacturers give you product descriptions that are pretty wide-ranging and packed with info. But, let's be honest, they're missing that special something that speaks directly to your crowd.

Don't just copy and paste those bland descriptions. Jazz them up with details that resonate with your customers, focusing on their wants and needs.

You might notice your competitors using the same copy. So, why should someone buy from you instead of them?

If you want to shine, figure out how to be different from everyone else—getting creative and catchy with how you describe your product. That's your ticket to standing out.

Write For Your Target Audience

Your product descriptions will hit the mark if you understand your audience. How old are they? What do they like? What bugs them, and what do they dream of? Knowing this information inside and out lets you craft your message just right.

When writing product descriptions, remember to chat like you're talking to a friend, not giving a speech to a crowd. Think, "You're gonna love how this shirt fits you perfectly," instead of "A lot of people love how this skirt fits."

If your product description is all over the place and tries to chat up everyone in the room, it won't land. It's the difference between shouting in a crowded room and having a heart-to-heart with your bestie.

Figure out who your dream customers are and zero in on them.

Effective product descriptions engage the reader by utilizing personal pronouns like you and your while addressing key queries such as:

  • Who benefits from this product?

  • What significant issue does it resolve for the customer?

  • What features of this product are crucial to them?

  • How does this product stand out from the competition?

  • What terminology do customers use when discussing this type of product in social settings?

  • Which presentation style resonates with your customer (e.g., concise bullet points, thorough details, humorous tone, etc.)?

Show your buyers why they need your product and what they’ll miss out on if they don't snap it up.

Personalize Your Copy with Buyer Personas

Creating detailed buyer personas, which are comprehensive profiles of your target customers, can enhance the personalization of your copywriting. This approach ensures that your product narratives address the specific needs, wants, and inquiries of those most inclined to purchase.

Buyer personas can guide your product copy by helping you understand your target buyer's pain points. This allows you to tailor your product description to connect with that individual, resulting in more effective marketing and increased sales.

If you're like us and trust our friends at Hubspot, you'll learn that “A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. When creating your buyer persona(s), consider including customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals.” 

Here's a unique buyer persona:

Alex, a digital nomad, age 29, single, with a passion for travel and culture. Alex has a master's degree in digital marketing and lives in various cities throughout the year based on work and exploration. He spends his free time attending local cultural events and workshops to enhance his skills. Alex is an avid reader and blogger, sharing his experiences on social media. He prefers sustainable brands and rides a custom-made electric bike for local commutes.

Now that you have a deeper understanding of Alex, crafting a product description that resonates with him becomes much easier. With insight into what features and benefits will appeal to him, you can tailor your copy to match his preferences and needs perfectly.

Benefits First, Forget the Rest!

Always start by talking about how awesome your product is for your customers. They're looking for things that make their lives better, not just a boring list of what it does. How does your product make things easier, more fun, or just plain better for them?

Your audience is less interested in features. They're asking:

"How does this benefit me?"

Here are a few examples for previous clients we've written for:

  • Promoting a smartwatch? Don't dwell on the technical specs like battery life or screen resolution (features). Highlight how it seamlessly integrates with their lifestyle, ensuring they never miss an important notification or step towards their fitness goals (benefit).

  • Marketing a meal delivery service? Skip the details about the variety of menu options or the organic ingredients (features). Focus on how it frees up their evenings, allowing more quality time with family instead of stressing over what to cook (benefit).

  • Selling a high-efficiency washer? Avoid getting bogged down in discussions about the motor or water usage (features). Emphasize how it will get their clothes cleaner faster, saving them time and money on their utility bills (benefit).

Simplify the Complex

Don’t bog down your descriptions with jargon or overly technical terms unless absolutely necessary. Your goal is to be understood quickly and easily, helping customers move swiftly from interest to purchase.

Whether your offerings serve a practical need, such as a coffee maker, or cater to personal style, like handbags or watches, they aim to enhance the consumer's life in some manner. By writing clearly and allowing readers to visualize the benefits and enjoyment of your product effortlessly, you increase the chances of a purchase.

It's vital to engage a skilled product description writer who understands the significance of highlighting benefits in a way that resonates with the target audience.

Highlight Key Benefits

The key to nailing your product pages? It's all about showing off the perks to your audience. In a crowded market, highlight a benefit your competitors haven't tapped into yet.

Not sure what's great about your product?

Here's a quick trick.

Dive into user reviews of your product or even your competitors' to strike gold in sales copy. What's everyone raving about? Those benefits they can't stop talking about? That's your goldmine.

Use those points to show potential buyers how your product is the solution they've been looking for and how it makes their lives easier.

Great Product Descriptions Use The Power of Storytelling

Bring your descriptions to life with storytelling to grab your customers' attention. Talk about what inspired your product or paint a picture of how your product saves the day for someone. It's all about making those connections!

Facing stiff competition in selling a product? Feel like others have already highlighted every possible benefit?

Differentiate your product copy by weaving a compelling narrative about your brand:

  • What sparked the idea for the product, and what's the story behind it?

  • How did the product get its name?

  • Can you describe the manufacturing process?

  • What materials or ingredients were chosen for this product, and why?

  • Could you share some feedback from users who have tried the product?

Share an amazing yet true story that grabs your audience's attention and tugs at their heartstrings. When you make it personal and something they can relate to, people buy into it. It's a cool, unique twist compared to the same old stuff everyone else is putting out there.

Plus, it's a great way to make your audience fall in love with you. Sure, they've read the benefits on your competitor's sites, but your story? That's what's going to win their hearts.

Use Social Proof

Adding stuff like user testimonials or expert thumbs-ups to your product descriptions can make them more convincing.

Consumers place high trust in their peers, frequently consulting reviews and social media to gauge public opinion about a product. By effectively utilizing social proof, businesses can enhance their credibility among target audiences, making them more inclined to trust the claims presented.

Why not throw in some quotes from customer feedback or product reviews? It’s like giving your prospective customers a peek into what it’s like to buy from you, straight from someone who’s already been there and done that.

Including the customer’s picture and name is even better to make the review more authentic and credible.

Be Sure It's Easy to Read

Make sure your descriptions are super easy to read. Break things up with short paragraphs, bullet points, and catchy headers. This way, customers can quickly spot and understand the information that matters most.

Add bullet points to make things easy to scan. This way, even if someone's skimming through, they'll still catch your main points.

Maximize Keyword Optimization

Keep your writing natural, but sneak relevant keywords into your product descriptions. This is like a little SEO magic that helps your products pop up for folks actually looking for them.

Yes, you want to write compelling product descriptions. But if they aren't converting into sales, you may have forgotten a critical piece of the product description puzzle... SEO. Search engine optimization is your best friend when it comes to driving sales.

Sprinkle your descriptions with keywords that your audience might be typing into Google when they're looking for a product or service like yours. This is a simple way to boost your chances of showing up in Google's search results.

Remember to add in some LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords. These are words and phrases that are super related to your main topic. When discussing cooking, consider using terms such as culinary arts, recipe, chef, ingredients, spices, and cuisine.

Also, remember those longer keyword phrases, you know, the ones with three to four words that zone in on what you're offering? They tend to do better in search results.

Let's use the cooking example above again. Your long-tail keywords could be things like easy vegan pasta recipes, best grilling techniques for beginners, or where to find fresh seafood in San Diego.

Using these keyword strategies gives your product copy a better chance of popping up in organic search results, not just the paid ones, and bringing more quality traffic to your site.

The best copywriting services near me use unlimited content writing that understands product features for search engines for your eCommerce site.

Final Thoughts on Writing Product Descriptions

Writing a killer product description is like mixing art with science. You must understand your product, know who you're talking to, and nail what makes your stuff stand out.

Feeling swamped trying to make all that sound awesome?

Maybe it's time to chat with some pro copywriters. They're wizards at making features look like big deals and turning your products into stuff everyone wants.

Catalystory is here to bridge that gap. With our unlimited copywriting services, we deliver meticulously crafted copywriting—from product descriptions that convert browsers into buyers to engaging blog posts that drive traffic.

Our team of experts knows how to tell your product's story in a way that resonates with your target audience, creating desire that leads to sales.

Struggling to write product descriptions that convert?

Think of this as your nudge to let the experts take over. Why not try our one-week free trial and see how Catalystory can boost your e-commerce game?

Sign up now and get ready to see your sales fly high as we work our magic for your success.

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