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Almost Super

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Supervillains, messy roommates, and side hustles. Everyday life is tough when you're Almost Super.

Our Projects 
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About Catalyst Productions

As a creative-focused studio, Catalyst is driven by developing thought provoking projects that create a conversation around the truths of the world we live in. Stories that challenge audiences to discover the greatness within themselves and live for something greater than themselves.


The idea of Catalyst is built on the foundation of what the catalyst moment is in every story. The catalyst is the moment in a character's journey where life as they knew it changes forever. Our mission at Catalyst Productions is to create a space for creativity to thrive, and for upcoming, undiscovered voices of writers and directors to be discovered, heard, and empowered to tell their stories without the politics and roadblocks that other studios put in place.

Coming Soon
A Lydian Pictures Production


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