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7 Social Media Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Engagement

Updated: Apr 11

Feeling like your social media's missing that spark? If your content's not getting the love it deserves, it might be time for a strategy shake-up. Reinventing your social vibe can skyrocket engagement and click rates across your channels.

Have you looked at packages for social media marketing? Have you spent time researching social media marketing agencies and other services but aren't sure what's right for you? Don't worry. We've got you covered.

Social media advertising and social media advertising services don't have to cost a fortune.

Are you ready to infuse some excitement into your social feeds? The social media marketing pros at Catalystory have put together a list of our favorite social media content creation ideas to help you get your audience's attention and foster engagement with all of your content!

Let's explore our top seven social media marketing ideas, which will start capturing your audience's attention today and ensure they come back for more!

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1. Leverage Insights from Leading Social Media Channels

Think every post needs to be born and bred within your brand's creative kitchen? Not quite.

There's gold in sharing the wisdom and wonders from other industry giants. Whether it's a retweet, a re-pin, or a share, spotlighting content from fellow trailblazers can enrich your feed.

This move proves you're not just another player in the game; you're a curator of what's trending, insightful, and downright necessary for your audience to know.

Take a leaf from PlayStation's playbook: their knack for sharing Fortnite updates aligns perfectly with their community's interests and cements their role as a brand that knows its audience inside out.

In weaving the expertise of others into your content tapestry, you become a bridge connecting your audience to the broader dialogue happening in your sphere.

So, keep an eye on your industry's pulse across all social media platforms by following and engaging with content from thought leaders and avid brand conversationalists.

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2. Design A Series

Why not turn your social media feed into an episodic adventure?

It's like the hero's journey you used for your brand. Tell your audience a story in your online engagement, and they'll keep returning for more.

Crafting a series of posts—be it daily, weekly, or monthly—invites your followers into a rhythm, a ritual of sorts, keeping them hooked and hungry for more. Tie in all of your social platforms and watch your audience grow.

You've got options: hitch a ride on beloved themes like #MotivationMonday or #ThrowbackThursday, or forge your path with a signature series that's all you.

Look at Coca-Cola. They stirred hearts with their #ShareHope series, spotlighting acts of kindness and community spirit. It's more than content. It's a call to come together, a reason for followers to seek out their posts time and again.

So, why not brainstorm a series that resonates with your brand's pulse?

Whether it's weekly wisdom, daily doses of inspiration, or spotlighting the unsung heroes among your audience, remember to crown it with a catchy hashtag that ties to your business. It's not just about content creation. You want to craft experiences and traditions that your audience and potential clients look forward to being part of.

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3. Unleash the Power of Video Across Social Media Platforms

Struggling to generate captivating content ideas for your social media accounts? There's no need to start from scratch when video's got your back. This dynamic format offers endless avenues to infuse your social media with energy and invaluable insights.

There's a whole spectrum of video vibes to explore. Dunkin' nailed it with a snappy clip tying daylight savings to their ever-ready coffee, proving that timing is everything, except when it's coffee time.

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Video is a powerful social media strategy that gives you the freedom to play, educate, and connect.

Consider these possibilities:

  • Quick how-tos and life hacks

  • Candid chats with your crew or clients

  • A spotlight on your standout offerings

  • Teasers for upcoming deals

  • Deep dives into industry insights

  • Step-by-step guides on anything under the sun

  • Engaging explainer snippets

And why not flip the switch to live mode? Streaming in real-time is your golden ticket to authentic engagement, offering a peek behind the curtain and making your audience feel right at home.

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4. The Magic of User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a treasure trove. It's where your audience becomes the storyteller of your brand. It's about flipping the script and letting your followers do the talking, showcasing their experiences with your products or services right on your platforms.

Why is UGC pure gold?

Because a whopping 92% of people trust peer recommendations over traditional ads, it's like having a chorus of fans sing your praises, naturally nudging potential customers closer to your business.

Kickstart the UGC machine by launching a brand-centric hashtag or campaign-specific tags, then watch your community light up your feed with their own snapshots and stories.

Encourage your tribe to tag your brand in their posts for a chance to be featured. Take a leaf out of Target's book—their Instagram is a vibrant collage of real-life moments with their products, proving just how powerful seeing your items in the wild can be for fostering trust and curiosity.

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5. Spark Joy with Contests and Giveaways

Who doesn't love the thrill of potentially snagging a freebie? That's why contests and giveaways are gold when it comes to injecting some excitement into your social feeds and ramping up engagement.

Tailor your prizes to fit what you're all about—be it sample products for the tangible types or free trials and services for the experience evangelists.

But here's the catch: wield this power wisely. Why?

Overdo the giveaways, and you might find your fanbase filled with freebie hunters rather than true brand believers. Get creative with your entry criteria to keep the treasure hunters at bay and charm the genuine fans.

Maybe it's a unique hashtag, maybe it's a snap of them with your product—whatever it is, make it something that celebrates your community's genuine love for what you do.

This strategy boosts engagement and turns your contest into a clever marketing maneuver, drawing in the crowd that's here for the long haul.

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6. Use Polls and Surveys

Next, we'll explore the dynamic world of polls and surveys. These little gems are fantastic for sparking conversation and engagement on your platforms.

The beauty of polls and surveys is that you've got the freedom to get curious about anything and everything that resonates with your brand or the season.

Let's sip on a Starbucks example: they popped a question about the perfect timing for holiday tunes. Sure, it's not directly about their brews, but it brewed up plenty of engagement. This approach is a playful way to get your audience chatting, offering their opinions, and feeling more connected to your brand.

Crafting polls or surveys is like throwing a mini-party on your social media profiles, where every response is an RSVP to engage with your content.

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7. Shine a Spotlight on Real Customer Stories

Craving more engagement? It's time to turn the spotlight on your customers' real-world adventures with your brand. You can capture those golden moments in two ways: directly asking your fans about their experiences or celebrating the wonders of user-generated content.

Got loyal customers or fans who can't stop singing your praises? Reach out and dive into their love story with your brand. Ask any number of social media professionals and they'll tell you this can be an incredible way to elevate your digital marketing while reducing your ad spend.

Imagine crafting a stunning visual quote based on their rave reviews or sharing a snapshot of them living their best life with your product. But it's not just about a picture-perfect moment—a heartfelt review or a candid video can truly capture the essence of their experience.

Consider the heartwarming story shared by Patagonia, a brand deeply committed to sustainability. They spotlighted a video from a customer who embarked on a clean-up hike, wearing their durable Patagonia gear.

Patagonia understands the benefit of social media management that comes with social media advertising.

Throughout the journey, the customer highlighted how the gear not only stood up to the rugged demands of the trek but also aligned with their personal mission to protect nature. Ending with a powerful message, "With Patagonia, I wear my values," the post didn't just show off a product; it underscored the shared commitment to environmental stewardship between the brand and its customers.

This storytelling approach beautifully illustrates people's profound connections with Patagonia, encouraging others to support a brand that walks the talk on sustainability.

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